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“Our purpose to communicate science through drawings and paintings from study, observation, detail and accuracy”

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The Art of Nature

Our Illustration Services
Scientific Illustrations

Scientific illustrations rarely stand alone as scientists use drawings, sketches, paintings to illustrate written accounts of their work for publication. Findings may also be supported by graphs, charts, animations, 3D illustrations. We supply the illustration and graphic services to meet these needs.

Natural History Illustration

We can create realistic observational drawings as pencil drawings, sketches and paintings. We can be commissioned to create accurate recordings of scientific subject matters to accompany new findings for written papers, to record museum artifacts, to record biology, anatomy and animal subjects.

Research and Fieldwork

We can carry out research and work in the field which allows us to work with a remote based science team. As artists trained in scientific illustration we can help identify and record specimens through drawing methods, recording the form of any type of organisms and their specific structural features.

Veterinary Illustration

We have the skills and training in anatomy to create anatomical accurate veterinary illustrations for use within education and teaching publications. The purpose to provide engaging and educational views of science and animal anatomy.

Anatomical Drawings and Paintings

Anatomy illustration is a much called upon service. We create drawings and paintings of both animal and human anatomy. The work we produce is used to serve the purpose of education, where our illustrations give a greater power to inform and appeal to a wide ranging audience.

Animal, Bird, Flower Classification Illustrations

As scientific illustrators we are all about recording the natural world in a very precise and accurate way. This means we are the ideal artists to choose to illustrate animals, birds, flowers, vegetation, any natural world subject. Our style of drawing and painting is realism capturing the tiniest detail.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance communications regarding scientific findings and discoveries.

To convey in accurate detail the scientific and natural world through the creation of drawings and paintings.

To take the unobservable and make it real so that viewers can learn and wonder at the beauty and complexity of the natural world.