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Joanna Culley is the Lead Medical Artist & founder of Medical Artist Ltd. Joanna is a traditionally trained artist; her specialities are maintaining the traditional mediums in medical art such as producing hand drawn artwork and colour work in watercolour, pencils and colour pencils.

She draws from life using the studio’s skeleton as a very useful basis to refer to for most of her anatomical drawings and sketches plus she refers to various anatomical models to always be able to study, contemplate, interpret and better understand form, texture and perspective, to creative unique illustrations and medical visualizations. She is convinced there is no other way than to draw and sketch from life whenever possible.

Combine this with her enthusiasm for anatomy and the study of the scientific environment means the work is a passion, not a job. Obsessively drawing every day to meet demand, Joanna’s ambition is to supply customers with industry award winning artwork and providing a fully rounded service offering 3D, animation and motion graphic services.


Joanna’s training  involved graduating with a B.T.E.C in Natural History Illustration from Bournemouth & Poole College in 1992 and a degree from Middlesex University in Visual Communication specialising in medical and scientific illustration in 1995. To continue her education Joanna completed a post graduate course from the Medical Artists’ Education Trust in 2009. Having qualified Joanna has been accepted as a member of The Medical Artists’ Association of GB (MAA), a member of the Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Illustration Practitioners (CAMIP) and achieve Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner (RMIP) status. She is also a member of the Institute of Medical Illustrators, Association of Medical Illustrators and Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.