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Illustrating the Cause, Nature and Effect of Disease

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At our studio we provide medical visuals, medical art and illustration specialising in the subject of pathology which is the the diagnosis of disease and one that can vary from diagnostic testing to cutting edge research. We are commissioned to illustrate many types of disease with the purpose to show disease on organs and within the human body to illuminate what is usually invisible. The purpose of illustrating disease is to help high light the cause, nature and effects of any type of disease and illustrations on this subject are found for example in teaching manuals, surgeon’s papers, posters and leaflets and is used for general patient education purposes.

Illustrating symptoms of a disease can be very useful, especially when they are used to illustrate sensitive topics. A medical artist can focus on the area of importance, to enhance key points, and take out any gory detail to allow the viewer to look with interest and subsequently learn about the disease in a more engaging manner. It can be distressing looking at a photograph containing too much blood, graphic depictions of disease and many may look away. Therefore the purpose of medical illustration is to encourage people to stop, look and learn instead.