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Commissioning Scientific Illustrations and Visual Services

As a professional medical illustration agency, we will help you throughout the process of commissioning a project to ensure you get the best end results. The team work on an individual basis with each client, assessing the medical illustration project according to individual requirements, such as the target message, the budget, the most appropriate medium and the timescales involved.

The team are flexible in their approach and will always work to accommodate our customers when producing any illustrations, and strive to meet those pressing deadlines. The team can produce may different styles, ideal when customers require an alternative style.

Next steps to custom medical illustrations for your project

What we need to do for you now is to understand your project; the communication objectives for the project and the detail to achieve your objectives.

The best way to do this is to pick up the telephone or Skype and call us – +44(0)203 287 7202, or joanna_culley and we can chat about the project.

If it isn’t convenient then complete the form below. We can then call you back or we can use email to gather the information we need. We have a project scoping questionnaire that we can send you to make the process really straightforward. The important thing to understand is that we are here to help you through out the process to get you the best end result for the project.

Outside the UK? No problem we work internationally

Half of our clients are based outside of the UK so we are very used to dealing with people in different countries and different times zones. So wherever in the world you are we can work with you and we have processes in place to make sure the project is as smooth as if we are only a block away. We accept various payment methods and we will happily give you a fixed cost quote in your own currency. We don’t charge for quotes or the assistance that we provide when we are helping customers define exactly what they need in the way of medical illustrations and medical visuals. We are a busy team though so don’t wait to contact us as our work schedule can fill up quickly. Contact us today to avoid disappointment.