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The Digital Medium

The drawing and painting mediums available to artists is long and varied. It can be as straightforward as drawing using a pencil and paper, to using the watercolour medium on a canvas, to using a computer and its own program of brushes, paints, rubbers and canvases.

So Why Choose Digital for Your Medical Illustrations

Using a computer to create an illustration can have its advantages, as illustrations will be easy to optimise for use in digital formats for use in printing, websites, iBooks, Android, App and animation. The technology of digital art is a very exciting medium, and our technique is to produce artwork that has a clean and precise look about it, ideal for intricate anatomical subjects. It’s also great to use in the production of more technical items such as medical instruments, when precision is required for straight lines when illustrating buildings or hospital equipment.

We also combine our illustrations to build graphs and charts and including detailed realistic anatomy features can bring a dull data graph to life! Digital medical illustrations can also be supplied as vector images such as an Illustrator file and their print size has no limits. The illustrations can also be animated to generate patient and customer interaction; it is very a versatile medium.

What’s Our Process

We have honed our technique to work with brushes and digital pens to produce very photo realistic illustrations by using a Wacom tablet (canvas) and Creative Pen (brush) which allow us to paint onto the Wacom tablet and thus straight onto the computer screen. The process of doing this is referred to as the digital medium but it is still an artistic process where the resulting illustration is referred to as ‘digital painting’. Our digital medical illustrations are produced in the same artistic way as any other one of our illustrations. We start by understanding the brief fully and completing any additional research on the subject. From this we draw pencil sketches which are produced as normal as pencil on paper as these are going to be used as the basis for the colour work. The pencil sketches are scanned so that they can be saved as a jpeg so that they can appear on the computer screen. We place the jpeg of the sketch into an Adobe Creative Suite program, such as a Photoshop or an Illustrator program.  Our process is then to use the digital pens and paints, airbrush within these programs to paint the illustration as a colour version. The result is that our technique creates very precise and realistic depictions of anatomy.

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